Cable Installation Services


At F B Taylor we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the UK’s leading cable pulling contractors, renowned for the variety of high-quality cable installation services we offer. We install all types of cable, on a wide range of projects, for numerous clients no matter the size. From a small one day project to a project requiring millions of metres of cable to be installed, we guarantee the same professional high standards are set and achieved.

Examples of projects we frequently visit include (but are not limited to):


• Schools

• Hospitals

• Water Treatment Works

• Solar/Wind Farms

• Data Centres

• Power Stations

• Oil Refineries

• Waste to Energy Plants

• Highways and Rail


Cable Pulling

Cable Pulling is the primary service that we provide at F B Taylor.  We install all types and sizes of HV, MV and LV cable to the highest standard within any environment to the specification set by the client. Whether it is on cable containment, through underground duct systems or laid in trenches, at FBT we supply any potential client with a wide range of experience, knowledge, skill and training along with the required plant and equipment to ensure a safe, efficient install on any project.


Other Cable Installation Services

The term ‘cable installation’ covers various activities associated with what F B Taylor can offer any potential client. Other services include:

1. Cable termination/glanding and through jointing of LV and HV cables

We are able to offer the full package when it comes to cable installation. Not only are we able to carry out the cable pulling, we can complete any project by carrying out any cable termination, glanding and through jointing works that are required for your specific project. We have experienced teams of cable jointers who are fully trained and competent in carrying out all cable jointing activities on HV cables up to 11kv and all MV/ LV works. All our cable jointing activities are carried out in accordance to manufacturers guidelines and completed to the highest standard.

2. Installation of cable containment

To find out more about our cable containment service, please check out our dedicated page for all the information you need.

3. A cable pressure test of all HV cables installed by F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd

All HV cables are tested to limits that are set by the client. All data is recorded throughout this process and handed over when our work is complete.


Provision of a site management team:

• Site Manager – integrates within the client’s management team to supervise and oversee the cable installation services that are carried out. Conducts strategic management of project activities with clear communication between client objectives and site operations, as well as feeding back ongoing project progress.

• Cable Router – operates as a Site Level Operations Manager routing cables, identifying and rectifying challenges within cable installation to minimise delay and disruption of the cable installation programme.

• Drum Major – engaged on larger projects to manage Drum compound, ensuring effective drum management and efficient utilisation of cable resource. Is a vital contribution when it comes to ensuring efficient site operations are carried out on high volume installation target projects.


For more details on any of our cable installation services, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01765 600261 or email

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