The Blackhillock Project forms part of the major reinforcement work of the transmission network serving the north of Scotland. This is required to enable proposed wind, wave and tidal generation sites to connect.

Project275kV Substation Blackhillock Project

The new Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant based over a 25 acre site in Basildon is capable of processing 417,000 tonnes of black bag waste per year while recovering items which could be recycled and also treating the left over waste to reduce its environmental impact. The project also included an education and visitor center.

ProjectEssex Waste MBT

The project was located on the old Birmingham Battery & Metal Company site and involved the replacement of overhead lines with underground 630mm2 1c 132kV cables.

ClientAMEC Group
ProjectSelly Oak 132kV

The £190M Beckton STW (Europe’s largest STW) and the £220M Crossness STW (Europe’s second largest STW) upgrade works are part of the London Tideways Tunnels Programme designed to improve the treatment capacity of London’s five major STW.

ClientField Systems Designs Ltd
ProjectCrossness / Beckton STW (& Various WTW & STW through the UK)

With 42 facilities over 23 Sites and managing 1.3 million tonnes of waste per year with a total energy generation approaching 130 MW. This project was part of the UK's largest ever combined waste and renewable energy project estimated at £631M.

ClientImtech Suir Engineering Ltd
ProjectGreater Manchester Waste Management PFI Project