F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Plant/Equipment

F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd owns and operates a comprehensive range of specialist plant machinery and equipment. This is key to our success, as it allows us to ensure that all our machinery is fully vetted and maintains our high safety standard. This means that all the work we undertake is carried out in a safe and efficient way and that all our equipment is regularly serviced and tested. This has always been part of F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd's vision – to operate as a 100% self-sufficient company, which is responsible for, and owns all of its
equipment and machinery. In fact, most of our equipment is specifically designed and manufactured with cable installation activities in mind.

Currently our fleet includes 44 tractors and 65 drum trailers ranging from 0.5 tonne to 30 tonne, some with re-drumming facilities for strip out projects. We operate 34 diesel cable winches with pulling capabilities of 2 to 5 tonnes and 12 electric cable winches with up to 2 tonne pulling capacity. The majority of winches have digital strain read outs and automatic cut off to prevent damage to cables. Other specialist equipment includes 30 tonne 'A' Frames, 10 tonne cable recovery winch, JCBs, Mini-Diggers and Fork Lifts.