F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Environmental Practice

F B Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd is committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities.

We recognise that economic growth, sustainable development and a safe and healthy environment must work hand in hand. It is our responsibility as a global citizen to strive towards and, continually challenge, ourselves to improve environmental performance.

F B Taylor (Cable contractors) Ltd will:

  • Minimise the use of energy, water and other natural resources in operations
  • Minimise waste and maximise reuse, recycle and energy recovery from waste
  • Consider the effects our activities may have on the environment beyond our immediate operations and seek to minimise environmental harm
  • Consider opportunities to make a positive contribution to the environment in all our activities
  • Consider the impact of our activities on adjacent businesses and residents and behave as a ‘good neighbour’
  • Encourage active participation from employees and stakeholders at all levels in improving environmental performance
  • Minimise noise nuisance, in particular where the public may be affected (including night work)
  • Be proactive in minimising production of waste by reducing the use of fossil fuels and incorporate long term strategic objectives for energy efficiencies into planning and development
  • Develop a sustainable supply chain by using suppliers that have environmental standards compatible with our own.